Fake Watches Rolex Day-Date 

Rolex Day-Date Rose Gold Dial Top Replica Limited Edition Watches For Sale

If there is one watch connected to the most powerful position on earth, it is the Rolex Day-Date limited edition fake watches, also known under its nickname: President. Dwight D. Eisenhower wore one, John F. Kennedy got one from Marilyn Monroe, and Lyndon B. Johnson was often seen with one as well. Which of these Presidents gave the Day-Date its nickname? Experts are still divided over this topic. The fact remains that over the years the Day-Date has become one of Rolex most iconic models. Created in 1956 it was…

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Fake Watches Rolex Submariner 

Rolex Submariner ‘Big Crown’ Tropical Dial Ref. 6538 Orange Dial Replica Watches

One of the most famous Rolex Submariner replica watches of all time is the reference 6538. Its oversized crown and lack of crown guards help distinguish it from the myriad of other Submariner references, and give the watch an unmistakably vintage look and feel. The small red triangle placed at the zero marker on the bezel insert adds a splash of color to the overall look of the watch, and help to promote its purpose-driven design. The Submariner is easily Rolex’s most popular and widely recognizable line of watches. First…

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