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Replica Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum Watches For Sale

In the just-concluded 2015 Baselworld Watch,Cheap Replica Rolex Watcahes Day-date 40 has released a new generation of type 3255 movement, movement including 14 new patented technology, improves the precision and dynamic reserves, reliable performance, seismic force, magnetic, etc.Attracted a large number of personnel present eyes,today I will bring us a pick up this new generation of movement Fake Rolex Oyser Pepertual Day-Date Type 40 Watches.

Ice blue dial twill lattice let the whole watch looks very fresh

Oyser Pepertual Day-Date Type 40 watches is also the table rolex latest exhibition, not only carry the latest 3255 type machine, also with some of the new design, such as casing diameter of 40 mm.Fake Rolex Day-Date 40 For Sale like to are in gold or platinum casting, in order to reflect the wearer’s identity. This is one of the platinum material wrist watch (model: 228206), ice blue dial twill lattice let the whole watch looks relaxed, table circle does not adopt the classic “dog tooth circle” design, but ordinary cant watch ring, polishing is more soft, round, such as water droplets.

Classic trapezoidal pointer, mirror “bubble” elements, such as classic through vicissitudes of life are still able to bear or endure look

Half a platinum ring three rows of link chain, pure classic. This type bracelet rolex head of state is especially designed for type 1956 Replica Rolex Watches Day-Date 40 For Man,now link more embedded ceramic components, flexible and durable. Outer ring the new hidden underneath our connection to ensure that strap watchcase and achieve seamless connection between visual effect.Best Sale Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum Watches is no big change in terms of appearance, rolex ice blue dial has always been more loving color, tie-in platinum is very simple but elegant, small and pure and fresh feeling.

Shining watchcase lateral and table ear polishing, platinum unique flavor and soft light

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