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Replica Rolex Green Ghost – 3135 Automatic Chain Movement

Greenwich series is rolex specializing in both the function of the model, and explorers are similar, but differ in movement, explorer Ⅱ using 3187 movement, and Greenwich type II using the 3186 movement, of which 3187 of more than 3186 brand patent Paraflex cushioning device. The Greenwich series is the most popular new double color ceramic Rolex Replica Green Dial Sale last year, alsoknown as “inter circle”, but due to the time to market is not long, so the sales is less than before the table, but according to the coke ring before hot degrees, inter circle should be in the future will become popular watch, because it also has some characteristics of the green water ghost.

green gost
3135 Automatic Chain Movement Rolex Green Ghost

Rolex green ghost carried a Replica Rolex Watches Ace 3135 Movement, the movement of automatic mechanical movement, equipped with latest invention rolex Parachrom Hairspring balance spring this kind of hair, so I have very good aseismic capacity this convenient movement often people wear daily outdoor activities, more like diving or wrist watch of choice for outdoor sports people.

Replica Rolex Watches
Replica Rolex Watches ace 3135 movement

Since birth, Rolex Replica Green Ghost Watches oyster type motion coupled with the calendar type waterproof technology and the increasing improvement of the wrist watch diving from the original 100 meters, 200 meters to reach 300 m today, fully confirm rolex in wrist watch waterproof technology in the field of special and outstanding. Oyster type motion coupled with the calendar type model is superior in diving watches. Since its birth in 1953, not only rely on the perfect performance to conquer the world deep, charm more throughout the land. Such as hidden in the depths of the ocean, the wrist watch is the best company for professional divers; To explore the land, it is also the perfect skill and courage, therefore has profound vision of wrist watch lovers of all ages.

green gost
It is also the perfect skill and courage




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